New Producers 2018

With the New Producers Programme we wanted to offer a group of young people the opportunity to develop their curatorial and production skills, through learning from specialists in the arts and heritage sector, and by practical experience produce their own event as part of the finale weekend. The programme included opportunities to meet the artists, the Macduff Revival producers, to do a tour around Macduff visiting different public and semi-public spaces, and work with Associate Producer Yvonne Billimore from the Scottish Sculpture Workshop to develop proposals for the Macduff Revival Weekender.

The Programme is part of the Scottish Year of Young People and has been funded by CashBack for Communities.

We have been working with three Groups of young people

  • Students from Banff Academy who we’ve offered a weekly training programme starting on the 9th of January 2018.
  • Students from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, introduced to us through Jon Blackwood, Lecturer in Critical and Contextual Studies.
  • Musicians from Tolquhon Folk, a young inspirational band with a wealth of experience.

You can see their contribution to the Macduff Revival Weekender in our brochure.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the programme.