Thank you!

We want to say a really big thank to everyone who has taken part in our Macduff Revival project. During our six month project we have engaged with many people, and we have learned so much about Macduff and its people and its possibilities.

We have been pleased with participation and local support and have received a lot of positive feedback. In total, we estimate that 600 people have engaged with the project, and we have achieved three press articles and one is pending (full feature in Knock News).

As a small project with some well attended events we hope we have made an impact.

Through Scratching the Surface we have gathered ideas for Macduff’s future. We very much hope that Aberdeenshire Council is interested in those local voices who contributed ideas. A list of all the ideas given will be compiled and circulated shortly.

People have started making bread. We have had our first images and facebook posts of people who have taken flour from Katy Stewart’s exhibition to make Macduff Loafs in their own kitchens. Through Katy’s journey to Golspie Mill, visiting bread producers along the way, new connections have been made, with the result, for example, that Granny Bakes is interested in continuing to produce the Macduff Loaf commercially, sourcing local wheat from Coldwells Farm and from Mungoswells Farm.

The New Producers have been fantastic. We have enjoyed working with students from Banff Academy, students from Grays School of art and from the Tolquhon Folk band. All of them have shown a lot of motivation and talent. We have taken them on their own journeys to producing something for the Macduff Revival Weekender.

We had very positive feedback for our project, and we hope that we have paved the way for more creative project to revive Macduff. Please get in touch if you want to know more about our work, or if you are thinking of producing a project like this yourself.

Macduff Revival Weekender Programme

We’re ready for the Macduff Revival Weekender. Pick up a brochure in a local shop or come to the Macduff Arts Centre.

Check out where to go on Saturday the 10th March…

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 23.31.59.png

and what’s on during the weekend…

9 March 2018

18.30 Reception and Film Screening of Dummy Jim with Director Matt Hulse and the Macduff Revival artists, Macduff Arts Centre.

10 March 2018

10.00 Pop-up Café and Information Point, Macduff Arts Centre.

10.00 – 17.00 Scratching the Surface by Alicja Rogalska, 53-55 Duff Street.

10.00 – 17.00 Bread + Butter screening by Katy Stewart, Home Bakery.

10.30 – 12.00 TolquhonFolk Workshop and Performance, Macduff Library.

11.00 Macduff Revival Producers Tour by Tessa J Fitzjohn and Anna Vermehren, Macduff Arts Centre.

12.00 – 17.00 Macduff Loaf Exhibition and bread tasting by Katy Stewart, Macduff Arts Centre.

12.00 – 16.00 Land and Sea Installation by Alexander Campbell and Rory Barclay, Daniels Place Furniture Hall.

13.30 Creative Storytelling Children’s Workshop (6-12 yrs) by Eve McGhee, Macduff Library.

13.30 – 14.30 TolquhonFolk Music Performance, Daniels Place Furniture Hall.

14.00 Film Screening Dummy Jim with Director Matt Hulse, Macduff Arts Centre.

15.00 – 16.00 TolquhonFolk Music Performance, Knowes Hotel.

15.30 Macduff Revival Producers Tour by Tessa J Fitzjohn and Anna Vermehren, Macduff Arts Centre.


Macduff Revival Weekender brochure and programme

Everyone welcome!

Macduff Revival Weekender

Have you ever seen a whole shop being transformed to a scratch card? Come and scratch!

Taste the new Macduff Loaf and explore the story of its origin.

This weekender offers a variety of events, performances and film screenings for everyone. Don’t miss out!

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 21.04.17

9 March 2018 / 18.30 / Macduff Arts Centre

Reception and Film Screening of Dummy Jim. An opportunity to meet the Director Matt Hulse and the Macduff Revival artists over drinks and refreshments.

10 March 2018 / 10.00 – 17.00 / various venues

Meet at Macduff Arts Centre for a cup of tea and pick up a map and programme of activities:

  • Scratching the Surface by Alicja Rogalska, an installation in an empty shop. 10.00 – 17.00
  • Macduff Loaf by Katy Stewart, bread tasting and exhibition. 10.00 – 17.00
  • Performances, installations and more by the New Producers, a group of young people from Banff Academy and Grays School of Art. See programme.
  • Macduff Revival Producers Tour by Tessa J Fitzjohn and Anna Vermehren. 11.00 + 15.00

The Team

Two month in and our project team is complete. We are delighted to work with a number of people on this project.

Macduff Revival Collaboration

The programme is created and organised collaboratively by Tessa J Fitzjohn and Anna Vermehren, Director of Fieldshare. Tessa and Anna have many years of experience together in producing events, running projects and curating cultural content. Their combined experience spans over twenty years and reaches from commissioning internationally knowns artists to developing community archives. Anna has a long-standing relationship to the area through being a resident in Aberdeenshire for many years. For the first time these two arts professionals have come together to collaborate under the banner of Fieldshare.

Tessa J Fitzjohn

Tessa J Fitzjohn is an independent curator producer with over twelve years of experience developing public engaged arts projects for museums, galleries and the public realm.

As a past Arts Council Officer for the South East and South West region, she had responsibility for organisations and major projects to include Photoworks, Aspex Gallery, Ruskin School, University of Oxford, Brighton Photo Biennial and Whitstable Biennale. Tessa’s interests lie in commissioning work that has a focus on enquiry, engagement and an active collaboration between place and public, focusing on deepening the visitor experience and creative interpretation.
Her current project Resilience Lab: An Uncertain World with research partner The Cabot Institute, Bristol University, co-curated with Aldo Rinaldi, is an example of her approach. The programme includes a series of five artist residencies and public art commissions with artists Marinela Senatore, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Fourthland, Mariele Nudecker, Marjetica Potrc and Ooze.

Anna Vermehren

Anna Vermehren is employed by Museum Nord in the far North of Norway to manage the digital heritage project Connected Culture and Natural Heritage in the Northern Environment, short CINE. She has just completed her role as Director of Timespan, a museum and arts centre in Helmsdale where she realised a significant shift in programming, focussing on the concept of the North. She played a pivotal role in helping Helmsdale achieve it’s 2014 Creative Place Award and in raising Timespan’s profile as a Creative Scotland Portfolio Organisation. Prior to joining Timespan in 2012 Anna worked as Project Manager at Deveron Arts, now Deveron Projects, in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, where she spearheaded socially engaged arts projects with Scottish and international artists.
Anna holds degrees in Art History, Sociology and Literature. She has published articles in scholarly journals including Cambridge Anthropology and in the proceedings of UNESCO Congress on Digital Heritage. She has a keen interest in diverse cultures, fascinating discourse and building relationships.

Dr Sue Morrison

Sue is a historian with experience in academic research, teaching, project and business management and community projects. Her work in these roles gained her South Lanarkshire Council’s Provost’s Community Service Award for ‘Outstanding Service to the Community’. Sue focuses largely on supporting and promoting the preservation of social and cultural heritage through life experiences and personal stories. Sue has trained a group of residents in oral history collection capturing the memories and stories of Macduff.

Natasha Ross

Natasha is Project Assistant for the Macduff Revival. She graduated from the University of the Highlands and Islands with a degree in Literature. Natasha is passionate about culture, music and art and has worked at festivals in the Highlands to showcase and embrace the areas talent. In 2017 she worked behind the scenes of a BBC Music Introducing session with Vic Galloway which was filmed in Inverness as part of the  XpoNorth festival’s TV station. She is also a big supporter and member of the growing SOUP movement, a fundraising event, supporting SOUPS in Inverness and Aberdeen while being a board member and active volunteer for Moray SOUP.


Recall Macduff

Public Talk and Film Screening

7 November 2017, 7pm, Macduff Arts Centre

We would like to invite you to celebrate the launch of Macduff Revival, a contemporary art, heritage and food project.

The evening will include

  • An introduction to the project by the organisers Tessa J Fitzjohn and Anna Vermehren
  • Artist, musician and performer Sarah Kenchington will talk about her work and present one of her extraordinary instruments
  • Dr Sue Morrison, oral historian will introduce her work in Macduff and illustrate with recordings
  • Film screening of archival film footage from Macduff

The event is an informal, informative evening with refreshments. Everyone welcome.

More than just a story?

Public Talk with Sue Morrison: 19 October 2017, 6pm, Macduff Arts Centre

Have you ever swum in the Tarlair Lido, or smelled the bread from the many bakeries here in Macduff? Maybe you have just moved here, or your family have fished the waters for centuries…

Everyone has a story, and they are all unique.

We would like to invite you to a public talk on the 19 October at 6pm at the Macduff Arts Centre to meet Sue Morrison, oral historian, who will talk about her experiences in collecting stories. Over the coming weeks Sue is offering to train a group of volunteers to collect the personal histories as told by residents of Macduff.

It is an opportunity for the people of Macduff to celebrate and share their memories and stories with each other and with future generations.

Tell us your story, and learn how to record the stories of others.

Macduff Revival

Welcome to our new blog, telling you all about an exciting new project in Macduff.

We are Tessa Fitzjohn and Anna Vermehren, creative producers and individuals who believe that art has the ability to raise the profile of Macduff by revealing and re-interpreting its history, its place and its people.

Macduff Revival is a contemporary art, heritage and food project whose name refers to ‘a renewal’ or ‘improvement in fortunes’. At present, the project forms two parts, an oral history project called the Blethering Project and a food project called Bread+Butter. By inviting artists to engage with groups in the community, with partners and specialists, and to make new artworks to be sited in and around the town, we create opportunities to celebrate Macduff and its community.

We have devised this project for Macduff and as part of Fieldshare. It is kindly supported by Aberdeenshire Council and Sue Morrison.