Thank you!

We want to say a really big thank to everyone who has taken part in our Macduff Revival project. During our six month project we have engaged with many people, and we have learned so much about Macduff and its people and its possibilities.

We have been pleased with participation and local support and have received a lot of positive feedback. In total, we estimate that 600 people have engaged with the project, and we have achieved three press articles and one is pending (full feature in Knock News).

As a small project with some well attended events we hope we have made an impact.

Through Scratching the Surface we have gathered ideas for Macduff’s future. We very much hope that Aberdeenshire Council is interested in those local voices who contributed ideas. A list of all the ideas given will be compiled and circulated shortly.

People have started making bread. We have had our first images and facebook posts of people who have taken flour from Katy Stewart’s exhibition to make Macduff Loafs in their own kitchens. Through Katy’s journey to Golspie Mill, visiting bread producers along the way, new connections have been made, with the result, for example, that Granny Bakes is interested in continuing to produce the Macduff Loaf commercially, sourcing local wheat from Coldwells Farm and from Mungoswells Farm.

The New Producers have been fantastic. We have enjoyed working with students from Banff Academy, students from Grays School of art and from the Tolquhon Folk band. All of them have shown a lot of motivation and talent. We have taken them on their own journeys to producing something for the Macduff Revival Weekender.

We had very positive feedback for our project, and we hope that we have paved the way for more creative project to revive Macduff. Please get in touch if you want to know more about our work, or if you are thinking of producing a project like this yourself.

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